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Business Coaching

Kerry Wynne and I met while attending the 2017 National Wellness Institute’s conference. Kerry has a master’s degree, works as an emergency room nurse and had just obtained her health coaching certification. However, she didn’t know exactly how to put the business pieces together, what her fee structure should be, feeling confident in promoting herself and her services, strategizing, or where to utilize her resources in time, money and energy for the success and longevity of her business.

There is A LOT to know about being an entrepreneur/solo-preneur and creating a success business so you can have the livelihood doing what you love.


Being a speaker increases your revenue, expands your client base and gives you additional creditability as the expert. Land the speaking gigs who have your clients sitting in front of you. Craft your talk designed for your compelling Call To Action (CTA). Boost your SEO, Social Media and Networks. Be recognized as the expert in your field – lending creditability and value to your name. Increase profits while decreasing marketing expenses.

A large opportunity presented itself to me, and I wasn’t sure the best approach and strategy.  So glad I consulted with Barbara! From that one session, I knew how to position myself for the long term as well as negotiate appropriately. Negotiating and business positioning isn’t something I learned from my degrees or certifications – glad to have Barbara as a resource who has my back, believes in me and guides me to greater success.

Carol Ebert of Reinvent Your Health

Barbara is hands-down one of the warmest and most joyful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her coaching method far surpasses that of other coaches out there because of her depth of knowledge in running a successful wellness-oriented business along with her keen intuition. Many coaches have passion but not the decades of experience Barbara effortlessly weaves into the needs and desires of her clients. She has the ability to drill down to the root of your issues, whether they are personal or business-related (or both!), and offers actionable steps that you can embark on immediately. After our most recent session, I walked away with such a bright and eye-opening insight, I wonder where my business would be 5 years down the road had I not sought Barbara’s guidance.

Sarah Farris

Barbara is a great person to learn more effective and affordable marketing angles. I can always run things by her and she gives me great insight on how to make things better.

Vy Taibg owner of Infinity Beauty Spa

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