I’m Barbara

My passion is to uplift others
to their greater good and
empower them in creating
their blissful, bountiful business.

Once upon a time…

In 1986 I started my own company; Alive & Well, Inc. which allowed me the opportunity to be a key player in the evolution of worksite wellness consulting both the public and private sectors throughout North America.

My thirty-year history also included developing and teaching mind-body programs, opening several yoga studios, working at health spas, facilitating retreats and coaching thousands in personal growth and well-being.

As a sought-after speaker, mentor and coach, I moved from the shores of Lake Michigan to Seattle in 2016, and founded Live Blissful, Blissful Business Mentorship and Be Well Retreats worldwide.

My life’s calling is to extend my 30+ years of business savvy, knowledge and expertise (along with a blissful experience) to other health coaches, movement devotees and wellness practitioners who need the structure, strategy and mind-set to turn their passion into a sustainable livelihood and a successful business..

What I believe… (and practice daily)

The BEST you have to offer, is the BEST of who You Are – in life and through your passion (business).  We’ll blend it bliss-fully.

For decades I’ve dedicated myself to personal and professional development, have earned dozens of accreditations, and continue to operate several successful businesses.

My passion is to empower and uplift others to their greatest good and creating their blissful businesses.

Which brings me to you...

You should be able to follow your calling without struggling.  I want to transfer my 30 years of experience into your knowledge base. By doing so you can fast-forward the confusing development phase and make your business blissfully bountiful.  Why not catapult your dream into the livelihood you seek?  What would it be like to serve your clients and sustain yourself with ease and prosperity?

You know your craft! But perhaps, you’re lost when it comes to basic business acumen, accounting, marketing, social media, pricing, packages, programs, etc. etc.

I sold over $500,000 in 2017 and love working with women who are serious about doing the same in their business. I teach my clients how to attract their soulmate clients with ease, confidence and authenticity. My clients have doubled and some tripled their incomes as well as scaling their business to create more free time. This is how Following Your Bliss and Being in Business are meant to BE. It’s for You Too!

I’m your girl – full of bliss and business know-how.  Let’s create the structure and strategy for you to succeed.  You deserve it.  It’s necessary.  The world needs you.  And it doesn’t have to be that hard… in fact, we’ll have fun and ultimately cultivate balance and proficiency.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and grow your business to the next income level, then Let’s Talk!

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