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Take Action

Take Action. There is a time to think, to weight your options ... but DON'T WAIT in moving forward to be the best you can be personally and professionally. Step out of your comfort zone, take a risk, feel alive, trust and join in the journey BIGGER than you possibly...

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Don’t Give It Away!

All too often I see coaches wanting to build their business by offering a Free “discovery session”.   I tried this compelling offering when I started out too. Someone would get on my calendar (unknown or a referral) and I’d jump on the emotion Roller Coaster.  It...

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#1 Priority

The Entrepreneur’s #1 Priority How healthy is your business, or your life? If you’re an Entrepreneur/Solo-preneur, meaning a “one-woman show” you are juggling A LOT! This usually translates to less than enough sleep, mindlessly eating at your desk, squeezing one more...

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