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Prosperous Money Mind-set

Train your brain for unlimited wealth!

An action-oriented workshop designed to unlock the subconscious blocks so you can finally receive the abundance that already exists.

Week 1: Awareness - Identifying your money stories and how to rewrite them for your benefit.

Week 2: Reprogram - Creating new beliefs and how to integrate them quickly and completely.

Week 3: Slips & Falls - What to do when you slip into scarcity patterns and how to release forever.

Week 4: Manifest baby! - Reveal the power of your co-creation and how to continue receiving wealth.

Watch the sneak peek of what this program will cover below!


Cost of Program: $160


Amazing Accounting

Put Your Financial Ducks in a Row!

Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Revenue, Expenses, Accounting, Savings, Taxes, Assets, Disabilities, Net Worth, OH MY!

Get ALL of the info you need to know to make your business grow.

Week 1: What’s What - Understand each financial category; the Chart of Accounts and creating a system for bookkeeping that fits you. Guest: Emily Zillig of Clear Sky Bookkeeping

Week 2: The Bottom Line - Taxes …ya just gotta do ‘em, and do ‘em right!  Hear it straight from my CPA extraordinaire, Guest: Jocelyn Muhl of JocelynMCPA

Week 3: Follow the Money - Be empowered by knowing your numbers and the impact they have on your business and creating profit.

Week 4: Net Worth -Learn the proven system for effortlessly managing expenses and easily increasing income, cuz you and your business are Worth It!

Watch the sneak peek of what this program will cover below!

This video will provide an overview of the Amazing Accounting content, helping you put your "Financial Ducks in a Row" Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Revenue, Expenses, Accounting, Savings, Taxes, Assets, Disabilities, Net Worth, and much more. Get ALL of the info you need to know to make your business grow.



Cost of Program: $160


My mindset is definitely shifting from "not enough" to many possibilities. I'm receiving abundance when it arrives. Possible new associate, unexpected check (thank you!) Writing the checks daily and posting them on my door is creating my list that I look forward to manifesting. Just like a vision board does. It's fun to think about having what I am writing checks for and my mood is much better. Love this process Barbara!

I am feeling lighter, smarter, joy and ease with money, bills and prosperity. Thank you, thank you!

I participated in this group because I felt like there was something that I might be doing or not doing something to keep me from reaching my highest prosperity potential. I have read many books but never taken much action. This course combines the most powerful tools from a variety of sources. The group aspect of this course is what really brings it together. Being able to see and hear how other people are experiencing the results of the tools shared in this course. It was a privilege to participate and I recommend it to anyone who may be feeling blocked around money, prosperity, and abundance. Thanks Barbara!

I committed to attending the Prosperous Money Mindset Course because I did not think I was prosperous. I had a good income and a good financial discipline, yet I felt that “I could not afford” a life style I really yearned for. I spent money and paid bills because “I had” to, not because “I wanted” to. The most important shift I experienced after taking the course was a realization that I have a choice in how I earn and spend my money. I learned that I can make choices that empower and support the life style I want. Barbara Badolati and Carol Ebert shared numerous resources and tools (an initial questionnaire, several writing prompts, videos, daily practices and other reading materials) and encouraged us to share our money stories and experiences. This helped me unearth thoughts and behaviors that were preventing me from becoming prosperous. I learned that I was happy with how I earned money and that I needed to bring more awareness and joy to the act of spending it. I realized that paying a monthly bill does not mean that the money is “gone.” Quite the opposite! Paying a monthly bill can be the beginning of prosperity. It depends on your mindset. The more bills you CHOOSE to pay and the more GRATEFUL you are for what they provide, the more prosperous you are. Thank you, Barbara and Carol for the Prosperous Money Mindset.

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