Read to the end of this blog post and win a spa get-away.

I wish I could grant this to you, but instead I wanted to capture your attention on how a CTA can be creative, engaging and effective.

When you’re sending out your e-letter or other marketing campaigns, it’s natural to want to educate and provide information to help your readers live a better life.

That’s probably why you chose the profession that you did.

And Congrats for getting those e-letters and posts out to your fans!

Even if it’s a photo with an inspirational quote, your subscribers want to hear from you.

Yet, from our humility we may down-play what we want them to do…the “Call To Action”.

Yes! Use your Creative CTA genius and have a Call To Action for your tribe … anytime you interact with them.

8 CTA Can’t Help but Click Examples

  • Make it clear and concise what you want them to do. “download my 10 daily health tips today!”
  • Use words that elicit enthusiasm and a strong response!!! (yes, use exclamation points) “buy now and receive a Bonus session!”
  • Verbs are a MUST. “Watch my Sassy, Savvy Soul-preneur Video Training!”
  • Emphasis what’s in it for them, which is a powerful combo of your USP (unique selling point) and CTA. “Call Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation”
  • Simply Ask; such as having them post to their sphere. “Share the Love <3”
  • Offer a Limited Time Special. “Register Today! Retreat Special ends Friday”
  • Jazz it up. “A Healthier You Can Start Today!”
  • Use Numbers. “1 Day Only”, “7 Actions Steps”, “20% off!”

Your brain may not think this way, or you may feel like a shy-guy, but once you start rolling with creative CTAs it’ll be second nature.

Think of it this way, when a thought or behavior is reinforced, it will stick with us. Psychology even tells us so.  Granted we may have to REINFORCE it more than once, but regardless, YOU ARE the catalyst for improving their lives. So don’t hold back, and let your creative juices flow as you come up with various CTAs.

Now for that Spa Get-Away, instead … Download the CTA checklist here.



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