Business woman, Coach, Get Clients, SalesAll too often I see coaches wanting to build their business by offering a Free “discovery session”.   I tried this compelling offering when I started out too.

Someone would get on my calendar (unknown or a referral) and I’d jump on the emotion Roller Coaster.  It would begin with the excitement that I had a potential client call!  Followed by the fulfillment of interacting with this person as I utilized my knowledge, skills and soul’s purpose.  But then, for various reasons, no conversions came from it.

This led to feeling “The Big D” of Disappointment, along with internal anger that I had just spent my precious time in providing transformation, yet nothing to show for it in my business bank account!  Disappointment and Anger triggered the Fear monger; “what if I can’t pay my rent this month!?”  Right behind the scary “what ifs” came gut wrenching anxiety.  My confidence and effectiveness as a businesswoman, coach and even a human being dropped within the Tower of Doom.  Eventually, I’d unbuckle myself from the grips of horror and crawl to the House of Mirrors where I looked at my skillset around sales – or lack thereof.  When I reflected on the strategy I was using to get clients, I realized several things:

  1. I didn’t know how to “close the sale” … something NOT taught in my coaching certification programs, university studies, or previous work experiences.
  2. I GAVE solutions to the potential client because I wanted to help them (that’s the nature of most service based entrepreneurs).
  3. I Eagerly wanted to prove to them (and probably myself) that I was a competent coach, convincing them that I was The One!
  4. I was under the false pretense that if this Free Discovery Session was providing the Very Thing they were seeking, then the agreement to work together at the price I deserve for the value I was giving would ALL take care of it self. Right?!  WRONG!

Besides arriving at the right price (contact me for the formula), being confident in closing the sale, you must value your time, expertise, and willingness to provide potential clients a powerful session – along with empowering you and your business.

Here’s What To Do instead of Giving It Away:

Offer a Sample Coaching session for a lower rate, but still significant enough to make it worth your while.  You are setting precedence for this person to invest in themselves, as well as a clear message that you’re in business.

There are exceptions, but I have found this strategy extremely effective.

You will weed out people who don’t value your time or aren’t serious about the investment of your services. Chances are, if they don’t value you from the start, they won’t throughout your program.

When people have paid for the first session, and have had a positive coaching experience with you, the sale conversation will be much easier, organic and pleasant.

When people pay for a Sample Coaching session, you’re focus is on the actual client coaching process. That’s what they paid for, this is what you deliver – without being distracted by making a sale. They feel this too!

What you’ll need:

  • Determine your price point. Usually ½ of what you charge for a one-up session.
  • A Quick Way to direct people to booking with you. Have a link on your website which directs them to PayPal or other merchant account.  After they’ve paid they will be directed to your on-line scheduler.  I give potential life coaching clients my Calendly link which has them pay when they schedule their session.


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