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“Passion, Purpose, Profit”
3 Month Mastermind & Retreat

The Retreat will be in April 2019 on Whidbey Island, WA


This MasterMind is designed to up-level your life and business (or passion).

In a small group setting, you will receive the tools, techniques, support, resources, information and individual guidance necessary to:

  • create your biz sizzle
  • generate your audience
  • master your money mindset
  • build your confidence
  • develop your team
  • set up your systems
  • write and implement your marketing plan
  • handle objections
  • negotiate win/win
  • have successful sales
  • prioritize and stay focused
  • work through anything that may arise (and it will)!

Each Week’s Format:

  • Check-in / Centering
  • Desire Statement (written between Orientation and Session 1)
  • Weekly Module training
  • Individual “love seat” support
  • Releasing blocks with EFT, NLP or other modalities
  • Guided Visualization and Manifestation Rampage


The Difference between Big and Small Groups?

I have been involved with numerous group programs.  Some have worked for me in my business, some have not. 

However, small group programs and retreats have ALWAYS propelled my business and life!

That’s why I created the “Passion, Purpose, Profit” MasterMind Program + Retreat.



They may be low cost, BUT that also means …

  • no individual attention specific to your needs each week
  • overwhelming pre-created course boiler plate content
  • information that may not be applicable to you at the time of delivery

These courses may give you “lifetime access” but, let’s be honest …

Are you disciplined and diligent enough to go back into achieves, find what you need, learn the material and apply it appropriately?

Passion, Purpose, Profit MasterMind Program + Retreat


My Passion, Purpose, Profit MasterMind Program + Retreat is:

  • exclusive to only 8 business women
  • gives you the time and attention you deserve
  • supports you to make a profound impact on your business
  • creates powerful momentum for success
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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 at 1:00pm PT / 3:00pm CT / 4:00pm ET via Zoom Video Conferencing

Proposed day:  Tuesdays, January 8-March 26 and times stated above. 45-60 minute per session.

Or TBA after coordinating participant’s schedules. 


Module Trainings:

  • Daily Money Mindset and Emotional Freedom practices
  • Business Clarity
  • Setting up Systems
  • Unique Brand and Niche Market
  • Programs & Pricing
  • PSPS (problem-solution / problem-solution formula)
  • Attracting Your Soulmate Client
  • Marketing Development
  • Website Development and/or Review
  • Social Media & YouTube
  • Videos / Webinars / Courses / Other
  • Sales and Negotiating for a win/win outcome

Journey Dance To Bliss

Evoke Your Desires
Embrace Your Body
Energize Your Potential

I created JourneyDance to Bliss so that women could awaken to their own unique blend of sensuality, strength, and beauty while celebrating their connection to a presence far greater than themselves. When women have permission to celebrate all aspects of themselves; confidence, peace, contentment, and personal truth expands, not only within, but outwardly into their families, communities, and the world.

I have woven 30 years of training in positive psychology, life coaching, mind-body methods, desire mapping, visualization, meditation, yoga, JourneyDance, Nia and a variety of other personal growth techniques to provide women a life-changing empowHERment experience that stirs her soul, feeds her senses, ignites her fire, and celebrates her blissful, best self.

What to Wear: Comfortable Clothing
What to Bring: water in a sealed container, a journal and pen
No dance or yoga experience necessary

Sunday, January 13
Balance Studio – Fremont
418 N. 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
$45 in advance / $55 at the door

Pay At The Door with cash, or other banking apps

Register Now!

Don’t take my word for it…

Kerry Wynne

Kerry Wynne

Working with Barbara has been instrumental in successfully creating my business.  I had no business background, and her guidance and expertise provided a much needed understanding of both marketing and pricing.

Carol Ebert

Carol Ebert

Negotiating and business positioning isn’t something I learned from my degrees or certifications – glad to have Barbara as a resource who has my back, believes in me and guides me to greater success.

Vy Tabig

Vy Tabig

Barbara is a great person to learn more effective and affordable marketing angles. I can always run things by her and she gives me great insight on how to make things better

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