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Blissful Biz Acceleration for Success
A Weekly, Small Group, Video Conference Course

This Business Acceleration is designed to up-level your life and business.

In a small group setting, you will receive the tools, techniques, support, resources, information and individual guidance necessary to:

  • Handle Objections & Successfully Close Your Offer
  • Determine your BRAND & How to use it Effectively
  • Set Up & Implement your Marketing Plan based on the stage of your business
  • Use Social Media Efficiently Appropriate to your Brand
  • Get Your Message out using Video Presence for FB Lives, Instagram, YouTube, Webinars
  • Grow & Scale your Business to avoid burnout and increase revenue
  • Overcome “imposter syndrome” & Strengthen your “Expert Posturing”
  • Gracefully Stop “giving it away” & knowing how to create win-win outcomes instead
  • Build a Solid Business Foundation
  • Identify Your Avatar & Attract the Right Clients (those who appreciate and pay you)
  • Develop your personalized pitch or elevator speech that is natural to you
  • Making Money & incorporating the Profit First system
  • Accounting fundamentals – bookkeeping, taxes, P&L, finances, what to expense
  • Work through anything that may arise (and it will)!

The aforementioned training highlights are suggested.

The weekly training will be based on participant’s needs and desires.

Barbara is a living, breathing model of bliss with a major twist of wisdom! Her warmth and loving presence is inviting and when she starts to share her knowledge, you know you’ve struck the Mother Lode! She is that ideal combination of grace and Brainiac that makes working with her a pleasure and a profound experience! I have gained insights from her that are Barbara Badolati trademarks and have provided great encouragement in what I do. Don’t miss the opportunity to encounter and work with Barbara. It will be one of your best investments! 

Sandra M

Each Week’s Format: 

  • Check-in / Centering
  • Desire Statement for your business / life (written between Orientation and Session 1)
  • Weekly Module training
  • Individual Q&A support
  • Releasing blocks with EFT, NLP or other modalities
  • Guided Visualization and Manifestation Rampage

The Difference between Big and Small Groups?

I have been involved with numerous group programs. 

Some have worked for me in my business, some have not. 

However, small group programs and retreats have ALWAYS propelled my business and life!

That’s why I created the “Passion, Purpose, Profit” Business Acceleration Course.


They may be low cost, BUT that also means …

  • no individual attention specific to your needs each week
  • overwhelming pre-created course boiler plate content
  • information that may not be applicable to you at the time of delivery

I also give you “lifetime access” but this is by participating at anytime with the live groups – whether it is repeating the Biz Acceleration program, or attending when you need it ANYTIME (groups are on-going throughout the year).  Another difference between me and big group programs.  

All are good … I just offer a different approach.

I found my first initial consultation to be extremely valuable. Barbara has extensive experience helping health coaches and wellness practitioners to turn their passion into a successful business. Barbara knew exactly what questions to ask to get to the core of my “why” (why am I doing this) as well as an excellent listener. Her energy and ability to connect made me feel like I’ve known her forever. Her initial advice has already proven to be lucrative. I”m looking forward to our continued work together in the coming weeks/months. 

Carolyn A

Blissful Biz Acceleration for Success


A Weekly, Small Group, Video Conference Course:

  • is exclusive to only a small group of entrepreneurs
  • gives you the time and attention you deserve
  • supports you to make a profound impact on your business
  • creates powerful momentum for success
Interested in the Fall Session? Click Here!

You Receive:

  • 2 Private Sessions with Barbara in person or virtually (60 minutes / session)
  • Course Prep Orientation (week prior to course starting)
  • 20+ Modules of foundational & comprehensive business training
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Lead generation process/tools/tracking. I want to learn how to generate my client base.
  • Sales funnel best practices/recommended process/tools
  • Social Media
  • Networking / MeetUps / Affiliates
  • Podcasting / Speaking / Webinars / Vlogs
  • Budgeting / Managing Cash Flow / Profit First
  • Legal or Accounting
  • Mindset
  • Staying motivated / Staying on task / Staying focused
  • Scaling / Hiring Support Staff
  • A vetted community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Structure for support and weekly accountability
  • All relative materials based on training, mind-set, mentoring and coaching
  • Specific mentoring and coaching during group sessions based on your needs
  • Individual video chat, text and email throughout the course with Barbara

Day and Time To Be Determined after coordinating participant’s schedules.

Every single interaction with Barbara has been incredibly valuable, helpful and insightful. She just has that way about her with all the experience and expertise she has under her belt. I am in the very beginning stages of my health coaching business and she has made herself fully available and very responsive to my many ideas and questions as I try to navigate through the launching of a business. Without her coaching I’d be having to spend so much valuable time trying to learn everything on my own from business filings to target market, language and more. I haven’t even started her group session yet and I’ve gained SO much from our short little conversations. As I’ve told her before, she is an absolute GODSEND!

Janice L

Journey Dance To Bliss

Evoke Your Desires
Embrace Your Body
Energize Your Potential

I created JourneyDance to Bliss so that women could awaken to their own unique blend of sensuality, strength, and beauty while celebrating their connection to a presence far greater than themselves. When women have permission to celebrate all aspects of themselves; confidence, peace, contentment, and personal truth expands, not only within, but outwardly into their families, communities, and the world.

I have woven 30 years of training in positive psychology, life coaching, mind-body methods, desire mapping, visualization, meditation, yoga, JourneyDance, Nia and a variety of other personal growth techniques to provide women a life-changing empowHERment experience that stirs her soul, feeds her senses, ignites her fire, and celebrates her blissful, best self.

What to Wear: Comfortable Clothing
What to Bring: water in a sealed container, a journal and pen
No dance or yoga experience necessary

Sunday, October 13th
Balance Studio – Fremont
418 N. 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Pay At The Door with cash, or other banking apps

Register Now!

Don’t take my word for it…

Kerry Wynne

Kerry Wynne

Working with Barbara has been instrumental in successfully creating my business.  I had no business background, and her guidance and expertise provided a much needed understanding of both marketing and pricing.

Carol Ebert

Carol Ebert

Negotiating and business positioning isn’t something I learned from my degrees or certifications – glad to have Barbara as a resource who has my back, believes in me and guides me to greater success.

Vy Tabig

Vy Tabig

Barbara is a great person to learn more effective and affordable marketing angles. I can always run things by her and she gives me great insight on how to make things better

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