You’ve established some great affirmations on what you want, why and how you want to feel.

Now Declare it to the Universe!

For me, the Universe does send me wonderful clients.

Since the Universe is one of my best referral sources, I wanted to encourage you to use this technique too.

Set up your passwords to be your affirmation.

Each time you log in, you’ll be reinforcing your belief.

Here is a few for inspiration (or to use)

I Am Abundant

I Love My Life

I’m a Great Coach

Life is Prosperous

Most Passwords require:

– a minimum of 8 characters

– a combination of lower and upper case letters

– sometimes numbers or symbols

Make your Password(s) one of your Affirmations

Such as:


(12 characters with combination of upper, lower and symbol)


(10 characters with combination of upper, lower, symbol and number 3 replacing “e”)


(12 characters with combination of upper, lower, the exclamation symbol and using the number 8 phonetically for the word; GREAT)


(16 characters with combination of upper, lower and number of 5 replacing the “s”sss)

When I worked corporate wellness accounts, I would have access to their systems wherein I set up my UN and PW.  These were having to be reassigned every 30 days due to security (something we’re suppose to be doing all of the time within our own small businesses and personal lives).  Using my “affirmation of the month” was a great way to remember them as they were constantly changing, and reinforced the conscious and sub-conscious belief I was programming.

If you need to use a symbol, the exclamation point creates that exciting energy every time you write or type your affirmation. Use It!!!

Of course, if you do record your passwords besides your own brain, please encrypt them, or store in a very safe and secure place where only you know the Password to access it. … Therefore, if you’re going to need to recall something like a password you use frequently, it might as well be something that benefits you!

Encrypted Resource I use:

Keeper Security, Inc Password Manager & Digital Vault

Unlimited $29.99 one year auto-renewable subscription


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