The Entrepreneur’s #1 Priority

How healthy is your business, or your life?

If you’re an Entrepreneur/Solo-preneur, meaning a “one-woman show” you are juggling A LOT! This usually translates to less than enough sleep, mindlessly eating at your desk, squeezing one more thing on your calendar, forfeiting a work out, and putting fun on hold.  Although what we do for our livelihood is FUN … it’s all of the other stuff that can get in the way of US. This is what happened to me!

My whole adult life has been personally dedicated to a healthful lifestyle. Professionally, I’ve taught, coached and guided thousands of people toward greater well-being. Yet, when I moved to Seattle from Michigan a few years ago, I had to re-start my business, rebrand and begin a new chapter of my life.

Since I had decades of healthy living deposited into my “body-account” I was able to get away with not eating well, sitting hours upon hours at my desk, in my car and at networking meetings, which also meant not working out as I once had. Not to mention, the body is aging every day.

I was understanding of my situation; that moving to a new city took some time to get settled and into a healthy routine. However, the start-up business was more demanding than I had anticipated.

After months, and then a year and then two years, I realized I was putting MYSELF last! If my business was going to thrive, and be a reflection of me, I had to DECIDE to REPRIORITIZE.

What is the Decision you make every day to incorporate self-care, fitness, nutrition, restful sleep and playtime? Like me, you probably know what makes you happy and healthy. I started with something doable and reinstated my morning bliss ritual which I had created years ago. Sure, it meant getting up 30 minutes earlier, but if I got to bed earlier, this would work!

This led me to setting my iphone bedtime alarm (feature of the Clock) to 9:00pm!

Even though 9:00pm was ridiculously early, it was the alert I needed to begin my “shut-down” process. This allowed 30-40 minutes to finish up whatever I project I was on, have time to get ready for bed, and also sufficient time to do my evening meditation/gratitude and yoga practice…AND be in bed by 11:00pm!

Since I feel so much better physically, I’m more productive.

Since I feel an inner respect for myself, I recognize my worth and value.

Since I feel I am the priority now, my business is in more alignment with what’s most important.

Recommitting myself to what is healthiest for me has brought me peace, balance and more joy. This has cascaded into all aspects of my life … AND business.

I believe that our business is supposed to Support Us, not us supporting it at the expense of ourselves. Yes, as entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs we will stay committed to our purpose, and especially when we are first committed to OURSELVES.

Do this Morning Bliss Ritual to get your day off to a Blissful start!

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