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Create the vital structure that is in alignment with your goals and dreams so your business can support and sustain you now and for years to come.

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Being a speaker...

Being a speaker increases your revenue, expands your client base and gives you additional creditability as the expert. Land the speaking gigs who have your clients sitting in front of you. Craft your talk designed for your compelling Call To Action (CTA). Boost your SEO, Social Media and Networks. Be recognized as the expert in your field – lending creditability and value to your name. Increase profits while decreasing marketing expenses.

Barbara Badolati at TedX

Barbara Badolati Speaker Reel

Don’t take my word for it…

A few days to deep dive with a professional business mentor coach can sky rocket your dream into a Bountiful Business. Whether you’re just starting out, or wanting to reach the next level, Barbara Badolati can guide you in the structure, strategy and mindset necessary to make your business dreams come true!

Kalise flew to Seattle from Wisconsin because she knew she had a golden opportunity to take her Steeping Wellness program to more than one school district.  She needed to know how to scale, what to charge, how to leverage her contacts and resources, what the marketing strategy should be, how to smoothly transition from an employee to an entrepreneur, all while maintaining self-care and her family’s priorities.

Kerry Wynne and I met while attending the 2017 National Wellness Institute’s conference. Kerry has a master’s degree, works as an emergency room nurse and had just obtained her health coaching certification. However, she didn’t know exactly how to put the business pieces together, what her fee structure should be, feeling confident in promoting herself and her services, strategizing, or where to utilize her resources in time, money and energy for the success and longevity of her business.

There is A LOT to know about being an entrepreneur/solo-preneur and creating a successful business so you can have the livelihood doing what you love.

Sarah Farris

Sarah Farris


Barbara effortlessly weaves into the needs and desires of her clients. She has the ability to drill down to the root of your issues, whether they are personal or business-related (or both!), and offers actionable steps that you can embark on immediately.

Peggy Bennett

Peggy Bennett


Barbara is very in tune with me.  She has the perfect mixture of compassion and business savvy! I’m so excited to see how my business will be transformed with her by my side.

Carol Ebert

Carol Ebert

Reinvent Your Health – CarolEbert.com

Negotiating and business positioning isn’t something I learned from my degrees or certifications – glad to have Barbara as a resource who has my back, believes in me and guides me to greater success.

Bountiful Results...

Sarah was struggling as to how she could streamline her business to work less and make more. She wants to start a family soon, and knows that her business needs to support a conducive lifestyle.

In working with Sarah 1:1 she is now offering her energy work to women in leadership roles so they can be more effective and less stress in the corporate environment.  This allows for Sarah to significantly increase her rates – working less and making more.  She is also scaling her business by creating an on-line course so she can be home with her family.

Peggy was stressed out about the money. She didn’t have a good handle on what was going out and how to have more coming in.  We started with everything on the table and put things in order - from what to pay in city, state and federal taxes to understanding her chart of accounts and bookkeeping, from how to create profit for herself, and pricing her programs so she can profit.

She now is wealthy wise about her business finances AND tripled her income from $4K to $12k in her third month of working with me.

Abby was wanting to go pro. She studied at one of the premier health institutes in the world, has emceed for VegeFest and the like, has interviewed hundreds of prestigious guest on her Humor Healing Humanity YouTube channel, yet didn’t know how to put it all together and catapult her to the next level.

We methodically took all of the highlights and filled in the missing pieces. We created branding, her email campaign, and took what was relevant from all three of her websites and combined them into one. We also worked on her pitch, negotiating skills and unique coaching programs.

Abby has a clear, professional platform in which she can proudly promote to a global market.

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