You love what you do, how you serve and what you bring to others.  When you’re doing what you are gifted to do, you’re in the flow, it feels good and you know you’re on purpose.

Equally, you must have the same love-affair with letting others know what you do! You must become natural at promoting yourself and marketing your message.  The best and easiest part of this is; You Just Get to Be Yourself!  AND you get to Share, Share, Share about YOU and how you can make other people’s lives better.  This is being of service.

At times our humility, and not wanting to brag or boast prevents us from sharing authentically.

The beliefs we came to believe or the stories we’ve made up may sound something like; it’s not nice to talk about ourselves, what will people think of us if we brag, I would seem narcissistic or

egotistical. Au contraire … if you even remotely think this way, you are hardly narcissistic!

Instead, shift the belief to this; if you DON’T share, you’re actually being a dis-service to others.  You are withholding information on how someone can benefit from you – that special something that only YOU can offer.  People will always have problems, challenges, frustrations and difficulties of which they need solutions for.  Sales will become more abundant when you reframe the mental and/or emotional ‘yucks’ into ‘ah-ha’ “I gotta let them know about my fabulous X-Y-Z so their life can be better!”  You gotta feel it and mean it.  Open your heart with the intention to serve, which will also serve your business.

Suggested Affirmations – Repeat 3x emanating the meaning and feeling

Use EFT or NLP to anchor the new belief

I am making a positive impact on others through my business

People need and want what I have to offer, and happily pay me

It’s becoming easier for me to market myself and my business

I joyously speak my truth in how I serve others in my business

I like letting people know how I can assist them

It’s becoming more natural for me to share what I have to offer

Write your own:

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

NLP: Neuro-linguistic Programming

Both techniques are effective in quickly shifting emotional and mental patterns.

Utilized by Barbara Badolati in all Blissful Business Mentorship programs and with private clients.  You can also learn more on the world wide web.



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