When you’re asked; “What do you do”?

This is the most common question asked at most networking events, and perhaps almost any time someone meets another person for the first time.

As an entrepreneur, this introduction of yourself is vital to your business.  It needs to communicate what you can do for them, if they can trust you, and do they like you?

The Pitch/Elevator Speech/Help Statement needs to be developed, tested, and practiced.

You want to prepare and practice it so much that it rolls off your tongue, and can be naturally adjusted based on who you are sharing this with.

It is NOT something that should be said as if you’re reading a script.  In my Biz Acceleration course, I have participants write their “elevator speech” and each week they introduce themselves at the beginning of the call (along with sharing their weekly successes). Throughout the course, we refine their pitch and within a month, it flows. They so appreciate the opportunity to practice with a live and supportive group, as well as receiving input from those hearing it.

Here’s the basic formula for writing your Pitch/Elevator Speech/Help Statement:

  • WHO do you work with
  • WHAT are they struggling with
  • WHY they are struggling
  • WHAT solution you provide

Here are the steps to communicate What You Do with ease and flow:

  • Write it out
  • Speak it out loud
  • Share it with colleagues whom you trust and who will give you constructive feedback
  • Refine it Try shortening it to 15-20 words – as if every word cost you a $1000
  • Repeat steps 1-4 until you feel comfortable and it combines all necessary elements.

“Your pitch is simply a combination of elements, presented in a certain order, to communicate a specific message to your potential “ideal” clients. Your objective or purpose for creating your pitch is to attract the “right” people, capture their attention, create an interest within them to learn more, and let them know how they can do so.” – Sharon Hibbard of Compelling Content Creation

If you’d like to run your pitch by me, email it to: bb@LiveBlissful.com or share on the FB page: BlissfulBusinessMentorship and I’ll give you some feedback!


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