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Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Whatever stage your business is in, I will move you forward, so you can

  • gain knowledge needed
  • have a marketing plan
  • increase your income
  • stop the struggle, confusion, doubt

and anything else that comes up!



Gather with other Bliss Biz Buddies!

Join the Passion, Purpose, Profit Business Acceleration Course.

Experience JourneyDance to Bliss, a women’s empowHERment workshop.

Reflect, Rejuvenate and Immerse Yourself in a Retreat. 

Online Courses

Bliss U-niversity

The On-Line University is a customized course created for YOU, the soul-preneur.

Learn at your own pace, at any stage of your business.

Access what you need, when you need it.

Free Resources

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What my clients say…

Sarah Farris

Sarah Farris

Barbara effortlessly weaves into the needs and desires of her clients. She has the ability to drill down to the root of your issues, whether they are personal or business-related (or both!), and offers actionable steps that you can embark on immediately.

Peggy Bennett

Peggy Bennett

Barbara is very in tune with me.  She has the perfect mixture of compassion and business savvy! It was incredible how my business (and myself) transformed with her by my side.

Kalise Horst

Kalise Horst

Barbara empowered me right from the start. I’m grateful for her knowledge, energy and love! The VIP Deep Dive was exactly what I needed to give my business the lift it needed.

Bountiful Results...

Sarah was struggling as to how she could streamline her business to work less and make more. She wants to start a family soon, and knows that her business needs to support a conducive lifestyle.

In working with Sarah 1:1 she is now offering her energy work to women in leadership roles so they can be more effective and less stress in the corporate environment.  This allows for Sarah to significantly increase her rates – working less and making more.  She is also scaling her business by creating an on-line course so she can be home with her family.

Peggy was stressed out about the money. She didn’t have a good handle on what was going out and how to have more coming in.  We started with everything on the table and put things in order - from what to pay in city, state and federal taxes to understanding her chart of accounts and bookkeeping, from how to create profit for herself, and pricing her programs so she can profit.

She now is wealthy wise about her business finances AND tripled her income from $4K to $12k in her third month of working with me.

Kalise had been a Wisconsin school teacher who had effective results implementing a wellness program for her fellow colleagues. She was given a golden opportunity to offer Steeping Wellness to more than one school district, yet not sure how to go about it.

We spent two full days deep diving into everything needed for her business. We designed three tiers to “Steeping Wellness” and titled them chamomile, green tea and earl grey. We determined how she would scale the business as it grows, how to leverage her contacts and resources, what to charge for each program and promote accordingly. We also discussed how she would transition from an employee to an entrepreneur, all while maintaining self-care and her family’s priorities.

Kalise is thriving and so is her business! She is making 3x more than her salary as a teacher, as well as, improving the lives of thousands of facility, staff and their families, thus to happier, healthier and smarter kids!

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